People ask me: What do I do to help you? Answer…

I Empower You.

It’s not just about organizing. I take that overwhelming feeling and self-doubt and, right beside you, we battle against it.
Do you walk into your home and ever feel like turning around and walking out again because there is so much “stuff” in your space?
I take the time to understand why you’re feeling this way and use my 10 years of experience to bring your space back to you.
Is there a place in your home that is not being used the way you want it? A spare room that’s the “dumping ground” for everyone in the family?
To be honest…I make things right in your world. That’s what I do. We streamline, organize and bring back that smile together.
Is the tsunami of paper coming into your home about to cause a major disaster?
Setting up systems in every part of your space so you can maintain an organized and stress-free home; that’s what I do. 

What makes me different?

My goal in working with you is to teach transferable skills so if you wish, you can do another room or area in your home yourself.  As a previous social worker, I understand the sensitivity needed and the emotions of the organizing or de-cluttering process.  I am there for you each step of the way.  I can “hold your hand” if, and when, you need it.  We can do the work together, or I can do some of it for you.

Having moved 7 times in 13 years (6 of those times with babies, toddlers, then young kids) forced me to learn where everything was and how to get ready for a  real estate showing on a moment’s notice.  Moving from Toronto and re-locating to Southern California, Denver, Knoxville, Omaha and Sacramento presented many storage challenges (who needs a snow sled in TN or an inner tube/pool toys in NE?).  I had to have systems in place. Everything needed to have a place, a home.  Not to mention paying for part of the moving charges one or two times makes you re-think your stuff.  This also gave me an eye for design and spatial planning.  I certainly couldn’t purchase new things each time for every home and room.  I learned how to, creatively, make things work!  I pride myself on thinking “outside of the box”, and when need be, on a budget.  Since that time I have taken some private design/decorating classes from professionals.

I never realized how much my previous social work education and background would come into play in this new field that basically chose me.  If I can help reduce both your emotional and physical clutter,  in a safe, non-judgmental environment, then it’s a win-win situation.  Having worked with special needs populations (in both Canada & the US) and geriatrics, affords me the sensitivity required to be the best Professional Organizer I can be.

I am a member of Organizing Specialists of Sacramento.  This allows me to draw from a pool of efficient women for larger or time-sensitive projects.

I am licensed and have been a member of the National Association for Professional Organizers (NAPO) since 2013.  In 2012, a neighbor took me to his mother’s home in Alturas, CA and we organized a few storage units, loaded up a van full of Halloween, Thanksgiving & Xmas décor and then consigned over 80% of them back here in the Sacramento area.  And thus a love and passion for this field and helping others was born!

As a Professional-level member of NAPO, I have access to the latest in professional educational tools in our industry.

I adhere to a comprehensive NAPO Code of Ethics http://www.napo.net/?page=about_ethics

This code of ethics further reinforces my social work background; confidentiality is a priority.


          Member, Sacramento Professional Organizers




Folsom Chamber of Commerce


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